Salesforce® for Retail And Consumer Goods

Salesforce revolutionizes the Retail and Consumer Goods industry by optimizing customer engagement and operational efficiency. Its CRM capabilities enable personalized experiences, streamline inventory management, and enhance supply chain visibility. With AI-driven analytics and marketing automation, Salesforce empowers retailers to make data-driven decisions, target the right audience, and stay agile in a dynamic market. It serves as a dynamic tool for retailers, fostering exceptional customer experiences and driving overall business success.

We just believe in producing results rather than reports.

We have assisted customers in creating and implementing programs that have observable and long-lasting effects for more than 10 years. We provide our clients with notable increases in sales growth and profitability, frequently in circumstances where the company model needs to be refreshed or reimagined. Our strategy combines an in-depth understanding of the sector, cutting-edge analytics, and a track record of quickly bringing about significant change. Customers pick us because they have firsthand knowledge that the desired outcomes will materialize. 


Retail, as we all know, is a challenging and increasingly competitive industry. The disparity between successful and unsuccessful stores is widening as a result of the disruptive new formats and consumers facing financial strain. We assist our clients in navigating their way toward growth and effectively funding it. We collaborate to collaboratively develop capabilities that will last over time rather than just making one-time changes to the customer. We succeed in achieving these objectives because we have a thorough understanding of the "science" and "art" of outstanding retailers.

Consumer Packaged Goods

We are aware that a number of factors, including changing consumer habits, demographics, digital technology, expanding markets, and industry consolidation, are posing difficulties to the consumer products sector. Under these conditions, achieving organic and profitable growth calls for a change in the company's emphasis and the acquisition of new skills. Our Retail and Consumer Goods Practice assists our clients in locating underutilized potential sources of profitable expansion, collaborates with them to seize these chances, and develops future capacity.

Wholesale And Distribution

We are aware of the particular difficulties you encounter in the wholesale and distribution sectors. Successful sourcing and operations at the back end are necessary, as is highly customer-focused and customized commercial behavior at the front end. In order to assist our clients in succeeding, we make use of our exclusive commercial decision-support software platforms, cutting-edge analytical methods, and unmatched customer and strategic insights. We have helped clients succeed in this environment over the last 10 years by generating a strong competitive edge and substantial growth.

Salesforce® Consulting Services for Retail And Consumer Goods Industry

The range of Empire Cloud's services includes continuing maintenance for established
Organizations as well as consultation and implementation services.

Advisory Services

With Salesforce, we'll work with you to develop a digital transformation strategy that is based on sound business KPIs, a comprehension of your users and customers, and an emphasis on data and technology.

Implementation Services

Configure the platform, add more development and customization, integrate more data points for a 360-degree perspective, and improve processes to tailor Salesforce Sales Cloud to your business needs.

Managed Services

Support your Sales Cloud organization to make the extra upgrades and improvements your company needs as user requirements evolve over time with Salesforce Managed Services from Empire Cloud.