Salesforce® for Travel & Hospitality

Salesforce transforms the Travel & Hospitality industry by providing a unified platform for personalized customer engagement, streamlined operations, and data-driven decision-making. With its cloud-based solutions, Salesforce empowers businesses to deliver exceptional services, build lasting connections, and stay competitive in a dynamic market.

Obstacles that the travel and hospitality sector had to overcome prior to Salesforce® CRM

Operational challenges

Managing front office issues and solutions, including as bookings, guest service, front office operations, property maintenance, and more, would be extremely difficult without implementing a Salesforce system.

Guest expectations

It's challenging to control guests' constantly shifting expectations. For the hospitality sector to provide guests with an unforgettable stay, it must stay abreast of emerging trends and technological advancements.

Data security challenges

Concerns include the possibility of digital theft and the disclosure of private data. It is difficult to establish confidence with appropriate data storage without Salesforce.

How is Salesforce® CRM revolutionizing the
Travel/Hospitality industry?

Central View

Salesforce uses a real-time dashboard that integrates numerous channels to provide a more comprehensive view of all queries.

Data Storage and Easy Access

All of Salesforce's data is kept on cloud servers, making it simple to access from laptops and mobile devices remotely. Easy access gives the hospitality industry more freedom and accelerates execution.

Inquiry Handling System

Manras's effective CRM system makes it easy to handle everything, from responding to emails and queries to creating itineraries, package details, and payment processing.

Use Manras to grow your hospitality and travel company

Manras maximizes upcoming bookings and provides you with access to the full pipeline of various activities by tailoring Salesforce solutions to your needs.

You get everything in one box and a categorized view of queries based on sources and status when Manras streamlines Salesforce. A live dashboard function is also included. Additionally, you can establish goals and receive alerts when they're not reached. It also provides insight into ongoing efforts that are merely company expenses. By integrating Manras into your Salesforce CRM customization, you can receive inquiries and determine the campaign conversion rate as follows:

  • Online inquiries: The majority of clients contact businesses using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as website forms, live chat, pop-ups, and landing pages. Manras assists you in determining which website or campaign is generating the most enquiries and how to satisfy client needs.
  • Calls and Emails: Through calls and emails, you can find out the current progress of each query.
  • Billboards and Hoardings: Print advertisements and hoardings can still be used to track down calls despite their conventional nature.

Manras assists in handling all incoming leads in accordance with the priorities. To prevent confusion, they are predefined according to specifications, packages, themes, and locations. 

Manras assists in allocating queries unique to a destination to the appropriate teams. Automated sales tasks are sent to designated teams with pre-programmed emails and real-time mobile notifications. 

You may monitor the status of queries in real-time, such as package details and itinerary preparation, using Manras Simplifying Salesforce. Its performance can be monitored and customized via the sales funnel. 

A customer account that allows you to add family members is automatically generated whenever a new inquiry is received. You may keep a record of every client interaction history and detail with Manras. Planning strategic and holiday theme-based packages is made easier with the support of birthday and anniversary information.

Salesforce® Consulting Services for Travel & Hospitality Industry

The range of Empire Cloud's services includes continuing maintenance for established
Organizations as well as consultation and implementation services.

Advisory Services

With Salesforce, we'll work with you to develop a digital transformation strategy that is based on sound business KPIs, a comprehension of your users and customers, and an emphasis on data and technology.

Implementation Services

Configure the platform, add more development and customization, integrate more data points for a 360-degree perspective, and improve processes to tailor Salesforce Sales Cloud to your business needs.

Managed Services

Support your Sales Cloud organization to make the extra upgrades and improvements your company needs as user requirements evolve over time with Salesforce Managed Services from Empire Cloud.