Salesforce® for Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment sector is always altering to keep up with the quickly shifting customer expectations and technological advancements. Not only are traditional business models like print, linear, and out-of-home diminishing, but consumers’ expectations are also shifting, and companies must adapt. Empire Cloud not only comprehends this dynamic environment, but we have also personally witnessed how technology can empower businesses to meet these problems. Through the advice of best practices, industry-relevant knowledge, and superior technology implementation, we work in partnership with our clients to help them on their journey toward digital transformation. 

Streamline ad sales, talent management, media planning, and other processes to spur growth.

We provide industry-leading best practices to develop and construct solutions that address particular business difficulties faced by the media and entertainment sectors. These challenges range from ad sales to budget management, revenue scheduling, talent management, title and rights management, and much more.

We are aware of media and entertainment

The landscape of the media and entertainment sector is in constant flux, adapting to rapidly changing customer expectations and technological advancements. Traditional models like print, linear, and out-of-home are on the decline, necessitating companies to adjust to evolving consumer demands. At Empire Cloud, we not only understand this dynamic environment but have also directly observed how technology can enable businesses to confront these challenges. By offering guidance on best practices, leveraging industry-specific knowledge, and implementing cutting-edge technology, we collaborate closely with our clients, supporting them on their path to digital transformation.

Ad Sales

In order to increase income for publishers, Ad Sales Management unifies cross-channel planning and execution, automated client reporting, and campaign optimization on a single platform. By combining media planning across channels and evaluating campaign effectiveness from various first- and third-party sources, advertising revenue can be increased.

Subscriber Management

As subscription-based streaming services gain popularity, content consumption habits are shifting. The capacity to leverage your data to customize content and solutions for your customers is provided by subscriber management, which also assists you in engaging and managing client lifecycles, shifting focus from subscriber acquisition to subscriber retention.

Content licensing and Intellectual Property Management

From a single platform with a single source of truth, manage your IP and Content Licensing flows, including sales, legal/contracting, rights windows, and more.

Media Agencies

To manage every area of your firm, our team of subject-matter specialists has vast expertise in developing Salesforce applications. Our staff can walk you through your customized Salesforce journey, whether you're a small, local business or a big, global organization, to demonstrate how to achieve the best return on your Salesforce investment. No matter where you are in your digital transformation, we can demonstrate the precise applications your business needs to compete effectively.