Salesforce® Marketing Automation Services

Empire Cloud helps you optimize your marketing technologies and create an efficient workforce. To stay ahead in a tech-driven world, rely on our expert team for collaboration and technical expertise. We’ll develop a customized plan to maximize your marketing investments and keep up with evolving technology. 

We have specialists in several Marketing Cloud products on our team.

You may get assistance with any aspect of the Marketing Cloud suite from our Salesforce Marketing Automation consultants. 

Marketing Cloud Engagement

Use an omnichannel strategy to interact with clients and potential clients via email, mobile, the site, and advertising. Create all-inclusive client journeys and acquire strong insights to enhance campaigns over time.

Marketing Cloud Personalization

Integrate information from several channels to get a complete picture of your clients and potential clients. Use this to link customer trips across channels, automate AI-driven customer journeys, and generate real-time offers. You may also use it to create tailored online experiences.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

To streamline performance analysis and help you make better decisions, connect and integrate all of your marketing data, media investments, and KPIs. Utilize insights driven by AI, and rapidly exchange performance data through collaborative dashboards.

Data Cloud for Marketing

Establish a single source of truth for each and every person. Gather information from first-party sources and combine several IDs using AI and adaptable matching criteria. Activate your data for marketing purposes and create pertinent consumer categories.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Handle the whole lead generation, routing, and nurturing lifecycle with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (previously Pardot). Create engagement journeys, personalize emails and outreach, develop landing pages and forms, track prospects, and more.

Prove it: ROI on Marketing Cloud

Using Marketing Cloud and Financial Services Cloud, our client Axcess Financial experienced a threefold increase in originations.

Before, we had a lot of silos. Both our online and retail consumers were present. We may now examine and comprehend an entire collective of clients by bridging the divide. Thus, whether they are retail or online no longer matters. Rather than dissecting ourselves into those silos, we can address everyone holistically. 

Automation of marketing according to the demands of your sector

Empire Cloud can assist you in making the most of Marketing Cloud and specializes in the following three industry verticals.

Advisory Services

With Salesforce, we'll work with you to develop a digital transformation strategy that is based on sound business KPIs, a comprehension of your users and customers, and an emphasis on data and technology.

Implementation Services

Configure the platform, add more development and customization, integrate more data points for a 360-degree perspective, and improve processes to tailor Salesforce Sales Cloud to your business needs.

Managed Services

Support your Sales Cloud organization to make the extra upgrades and improvements your company needs as user requirements evolve over time with Salesforce Managed Services from Empire Cloud.

What makes working with Empire Cloud for Salesforce marketing automation advantageous?

With practices focused on financial industries, healthcare, and media and entertainment, we have over ten years of expertise specialized in Salesforce technologies. With every project, we approach it with a collaborative mindset. Quickly put, we offer:

We have the technological know-how to assist in any circumstance thanks to our more than 75 marketing automation engagements and more than 70 Marketing Cloud accreditations and certifications. 

Our Marketing Cloud specialists have worked in your sector and are capable of leading your next innovation and optimizing your digital efforts.

Professionals with knowledge of several clouds, such as the Financial Services, Health, Media, Experience, Sales, and Service clouds, among others, who facilitate the swift and simple creation of interconnected experiences

 We work closely with you or as part of your team to close the talent gap. Our goal is to become an inseparable part of your team while continuously elevating it. 

Our objective is to work with you to develop a system that can revolutionize the digital experience while ensuring that you receive value frequently and early on in the process.