Salesforce® for Healthcare

Salesforce Health Cloud is a cutting-edge solution for healthcare management. It provides tools to streamline patient data, improve care team collaboration, and enhance patient experiences. With features like care coordination and personalized engagement, Health Cloud empowers healthcare organizations to deliver efficient and personalized care by leveraging your skills for customization and optimization.

Improve your patient's outcomes with Salesforce®

Our team draws on knowledge gathered from thousands of engagements over the course of more than ten years in the industry, as well as practical experience in the provider, payer, medical device, and life sciences sectors of the healthcare sector. We assist clients at every stage of their journey, from planning and implementation to managed services, delivering continued value with the Salesforce platform.

Everest Group Identifies Empire Cloud as a 'Major Contender' for Salesforce® Healthcare Services

Due to its significant industry leadership in the healthcare sector, the caliber of its consulting and technical personnel, and its extensive experience in implementing digital transformation for its healthcare clients, Empire Cloud was positioned as a Major Contender. For market effect, Empire Cloud was also ranked well overall. To make the image larger, click it.

We know Healthcare

You work in a very complicated, significantly influential field. In addition to Salesforce knowledge, our Healthcare team has years of practical experience in the sub-industries we serve, which helps us empower you on the path to more individualized experiences and increased ROI. 


You, as a healthcare provider, are focused on enhancing patient care, enabling coordinators and agents, and improving data quality and the patient experience. How do you provide treatment that is more individualized and targeted in a market where there are shifting delivery and payment paradigms, more competitors, and a need to get the most out of technology investments. We can support your efforts to streamline operations while providing patient-centered care.

Biotech and Pharma

We comprehend that you want to introduce cutting-edge medications to the market so that people might live longer, healthier, and happier lives while also generating a substantial profit for your business. See how we support Biotech and Pharma businesses to prosper in a complex, highly regulated environment.


Payers must optimize agent workflows while also involving members. However, there are obstacles to overcome, including insufficient data monitoring and visibility, silos or separate systems, ineffective processes, captive agent and coordinator enablement, and disjointed member touchpoints. We can assist Payers in achieving their objectives through useful integrations, Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud, and the appropriate governance.

Medical Devices

With instruments and gadgets made to detect, prevent, treat, monitor, lessen, or compensate for disease, businesses in the medical devices sector enhance the lives of patients. Whether you are primarily focused on ROI measurement or analytics of marketing expenditure, or you are entrusted with expanding precision medicine, we can meet your objectives by device, customer, and development lifecycle.

How can you foster stronger bonds with patients, members, staff, and partners while equipping them with the appropriate knowledge at the appropriate time?

Starting with Health Cloud, the top healthcare CRM, which offers access to shareable data, visibility into the complete healthcare journey, and valuable insights at every touchpoint, it takes a combination of industry expertise and technology. 

The digital front door is a representation of the rising customer need for seamless, simple healthcare experiences, frequently utilizing technology that is already widely used in daily life, like a mobile device. In order to fulfill this expectation, providers, payers, and life sciences companies must make the necessary technological investments. Interested in implementing a digital-first strategic model?

Learn more about the digital front door for healthcare and how we may be of assistance. 

Message patients in a tailored and relevant way to build a connection. The functionality of automated outreach and trigger messaging distributes the appropriate content via the appropriate channel at the appropriate moment. In order to advertise the healthcare system as a desired POS destination point and boost referral and order volumes, create and customize content that is specific to patients and providers. Integrate Tableau, CRM Analytics, and other technologies with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to enhance your marketing data and insights. 

Through an informed, verified, and significant approach to digital transformation, we assist them in achieving their business objectives. Along the CRM journey, we supplement Salesforce with a select group of strategic partners that allow key use cases. We assist clients from various healthcare sub-industries at every stage of the journey, from strategic planning to implementation, managed services, change management, and program governance, to ensure continued value realization.

When used effectively, marketing automation supports the growth of healthcare organizations by automating marketing procedures across departments to enhance patients' and members' tailored experiences. But how can you start operationalizing automation or calculate the ROI?

With Salesforce marketing automation tools like Pardot and Marketing Cloud, results must be identified, implemented, and continuously delivered. To help your organization succeed, Empire Cloud offers Salesforce knowledge and insights into the healthcare sector.

Salesforce® Health Cloud Consulting Services

The range of Empire Cloud's services includes continuing maintenance for established
Organizations as well as consultation and implementation services.

Advisory Services

With Salesforce, we'll work with you to develop a digital transformation strategy that is based on sound business KPIs, a comprehension of your users and customers, and an emphasis on data and technology.

Implementation Services

Configure the platform, add more development and customization, integrate more data points for a 360-degree perspective, and improve processes to tailor Salesforce Sales Cloud to your business needs.

Managed Services

Support your Sales Cloud organization to make the extra upgrades and improvements your company needs as user requirements evolve over time with Salesforce Managed Services from Empire Cloud.